Ship Supplier

Bilymaris is ISO 9002 quality certified and member of ..
- ISSA ( International Ship Supply Association )
- IMPA ( International Marine Purchasing Association )
.. We can supply any equipments or materials vessel may needs such as :

Nautical Equipment:
You name it. we've got it !! Or we can get it fast.
Not only safety equipment and nautical instruments , but also the latest in handbooks for mariner and the more traditional items such as charts and flags.
BILYMARIS ... Because navigation is the alpha and omega.

BILYMARIS knowledge ensures prompt delivery of even the most specialized equipment. Our stock is up to date and our purchasers are experts. We can supply any thing you need.
BILYMARIS ... Because mishaps and delays must be avoided.

BILYMARIS carries a complete range of meat, fish and vegetables fresh as well as frozen ...BILYMARIS provisions is your guarantee of best quality at competitive prices. Our rich assortment means that even your special wishes can be easily and quickly fulfilled.
BILYMARIS ... Where economy and quality go hand in hand.

BILYMARIS Bonded stores contribute to a better life on board. We stock all the well known international brands of cigarettes, liquors, Scotch whisky and a whole range of toiletries.
BILYMARIS ... Because we know about comfort on board !!

BILYMARIS Provides bunkers and lubricants in all EGYPT in ports at the most competitive prices with the highest of service and efficiency.
BILYMARIS ... Because we operate in all EGYPT in ports with professionals.

BILYMARIS Spare parts makes sure that spare parts in need of repair are collected, repaired and delivered to the ship in question with the very next delivery or we can hold the spares for you in our stores ready for immediate delivery on request.
BILYMARIS ... Because time is money.

Inspection & Surveys:
BILYMARIS carries out all ships inspection and surveys such as bunker survey, draft, offshore, onshore, condition and etc. As supervision and superintendence for ship repair though highly qualified independent surveyors.
BILYMARIS ... Because you need some body to trust.

BILYMARIS Has a special section for shipping. Painting, cleaning holds and tanks, under-water cleaning, watchmen, motor-boats hires and laundry services.
BILYMARIS ... Because we like to serve people.

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