Escort Tugs

In laden:
- Under 70.000 SCNT if SCA deem it necessary or if draft exceeds 47 ft, one tug escort
- Between 70.000 - 90.000 SCNT, one tug escort
- Over 90.000 SCNT, two tugs escort

In Ballast:
- Over 130.000 SCNT, one tug escort
- Ships with beam 218 - 233 ft, one tug. If beam over 233 ft, two tugs
- Towed scrap vessels 80.000 SCNT and over, one tug LPG/LNG
- LPG/LNG vessels above 25.000 SCNT will be escorted by one tug (except if gas free).
If tank on deck completely separated from cargo tanks with maximum tonnage 180 its will be considered as Gas free.

Exemptions from tug escort:
- Laden if carrying other than LPG cargo.
- Ballast (NGF) but after a laden voyage with cargo other than LPG.
- If in ballast must present a Gas Free Certificate issued by a recognized class or locally authorized survey bureau.

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